I remember my younger days, watching The Jetsons cartoon and thinking how unrealistic those flying cars would be – and now here we are.

We know that several companies have been working on flying cars. Most are already starting to put these bad boys on the market. The prices are all out of an everyday person's budget, but just knowing that these things have been invented have me scratching my head as to what the future is going to look like.

Aside from creating the actual flying car, a neighboring state has been proactive in now creating laws that will apply to these flying machines.

Believe it or not, as of July 24, in the state of New Hampshire pilots of these flying cars can actually fly on public highways. If you happen to catch a flying car above you while driving through the Granite State don't be alarmed, it's perfectly legal now.

There is one catch: these flying cars are not allowed to take off or land on public roads. I have so many questions about this it's not even funny.

In case you are super wealthy and wondering where you can get your hands on a flying car, it looks like a Massachusetts based company by the name of Terrafugia should have something ready for you to test drive and purchase as soon as next year.

Now I'm wondering where you get your license to fly these things, and will our state be next to implement laws for these?

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