It’s been a mild winter on the SouthCoast this year, making wintertime activities harder than usual, but there is some good news coming out of New Hampshire that will give you the winter wonderland you have been waiting for.

The incredible Ice Castles in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, officially opens Friday, Jan. 27, offering an awe-inspiring experience for the entire family.

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This winter season has seen a lot less snow and a lot more rain, making attractions such as Ice Castles hard to operate. Tickets have been on sale for the New Hampshire location since December, but a few Facebook users said they were concerned it would be a waste of money.

One user claimed to have tickets for last weekend, but their tickets were refunded after the park was unable to open.

Thankfully, the latest announcement has assured New Englanders that a trip to the Ice Castles will be money well-spent.

Don’t forget about the new attraction this year: The Ice Bars. While the kids fly down ice slides and explore ice caverns, the parents can belly-up to a bar completely made of ice and enjoy a drink at the Polar Pub.

This is one of those events that I read about every year, and I always plan on going but never seem to make the trip. This will be the year I grab my friends and take the three-hour drive, in order to get the most out of these dreary winter months.

Tickets are available on the Ice Castles website.

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