The Mary Celeste Neighborhood Lounge will offer residents a place to meet, enjoy drinks, and stay for conversation. 

Marion resident Mark Achilles plans to open the new lounge and neighborhood gathering spot in hopes that it encourages people in the community to come together, talk, and enjoy the perks of living in a small town where you can get to know everyone.

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Achilles says the idea for The Mary Celeste Neighborhood Lounge is inspired by bars in New York and the idea came to him when he and his friends would take turns visiting each other's homes in the evening for a cocktail and conversation. The Bookstall building will be remodeled to accommodate the new space and designed in a way that minimizes noise to the outside. There are no plans to sell beer (only specialty cocktails - some on the higher end) and will include 40 seats and standing room.

There are no plans to use the space as a live music venue as Achilles wants to make sure he is sensitive to the neighbors and wishes to keep the noise level at a minumum. The space will also serve light appetizers, pending a permit from the Board of Health.

The Lounge could be open as early as spring of 2019.

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