Humanity was restored once more down at the Cape Cod Canal.

Over the weekend, one seagull was very lucky to be stumbled upon by a few fishermen. What could have ended in tragedy turned into a happy ending.

Good Samaritan Zach Letendre and his buddy Zach Richard were out by the water when they noticed a seagull had got stuck in between some netting.

"We got to the canal around 6 a.m.," Richard said. "We walked halfway down the canal looking for some top-water action and didn’t see much going on."

The two fishermen decided to walk back to their usual fishing spot in hopes of finding a better catch.

"It was a slow morning so we headed back to our normal spot and on the way back, we spotted the seagull dangling by its neck in what appeared to be fishing line," Richard said.

Little did these guys know, they were about to save the life of an innocent animal.

Letendre, along with Richard, hopped the fence and was able to pull the seagull onto the walkway. They cut the fishing line off and worked to dislodge a hook that was in his bill and tongue.

"After about 10 minutes of struggling to remove it without too much damage to the seagull, we were able to pop it out, and gave him some fresh mackerel bait to eat and he flew off into the water," Richard said.

Thanks to the quick reaction time and skill of these two fishermen, the injured seagull is now free and floating around the canal, healing from its wounds.

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