The baby boom at Roger Williams Park Zoo continued last week with the arrival of a golden lion tamarin on Thursday.

The zoo officially announced that momma Raff and daddy Kyle added to their growing rainforest family with the birth of a very important addition to the golden lion tamarin world. Golden lion tamarins are listed as Endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List, so this new birth is great news.

According to Amy Roberts, the Zoo's director of animal programs, "Golden lion tamarins are one of 50 species we have here at the Zoo managed under the Species Survival Plan (SSP). They seem to be doing a good job managing this species for sure.

The world's newest golden lion tamarin joins siblings Angus and Boudica in the zoo's tamarin family that is often seen leaping and climbing throughout the Faces of the Rainforest building to the delight of visitors throughout the year.

Though the new baby's sex remains unknown, zoo staff has spotted this tiny tamarin hitching a ride on her mother's back around the rainforest exhibit.

Golden lion tamarins typically cling to their mothers for the first few weeks and nurses for 90 days. At around five weeks they begins to experience things independently, so by late September zoo visitors could see the youngest tamarin exploring the rainforest exhibit on its own.

No word on how long it will take zoo staff to learn the baby tamarin's sex or what the cutie's name will be once they do, but you know we'll share that news too as soon as we can.

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