Maybe you've heard of Uber, maybe you haven't. It's basically an alternative to calling a cab, it arrives faster, could potentially be cheaper and it's a total stranger giving you a ride.

Yeah. You're going on the internet and booking a ride with a total stranger. It sounds crazy and goes against everything I was told as a child, to not take rides from strangers, but it's the new way to hitch a ride.

I had heard about it a little bit online, but never looked into it, as I don't live in a big city and rarely need a cab. My husband, who travels for work occasionally, told me that he and his co-workers would be using Uber instead of taxis on their latest trip. It made me nervous.

He said it was great, there was nothing to be nervous about, and it's easier than getting a taxi. So today, while we were in Boston, we chose Uber over a cab. I was pretty scared that it would be a crazy person behind the wheel with other plans for us, but that's because I'm very cautious and don't trust anyone. My husband is very easy going and trusts most people. He went online, did his thing, got the Uber driver and within 3 minutes a man in a Nissan Altima pulled up and we were on our way. I will admit, I put our destination into my phone GPS with the volume off just to make sure he was actually taking us where we needed to go, and he was.

We arrived a few minutes later and there was no payment transaction...that confused me. When we walked away, I asked Matt "Hey, didn't you pay him?" He said that he had set it all up through PayPal, tip and all. Wow, I was impressed! This was super easy, cheaper and more convenient than a cab. I'm still a bit leery about hitching rides with strangers, but I guess they go through background checks first and people can write reviews on far so good!

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