Healthy food and beverage choices are coming to National Parks across America.

However, don't be surprised by the many "healthy and sustainable foods" when you visit the concession stand at the many National Parks across America, according to Boulder Weekly.

In fact, by 2016 "Xanterra, the company that provides concession services for Yellowstone and several other “crown jewel” parks, has committed to sourcing 50 percent of its food from either local or sustainable vendors," states Outside.

Boulder Weekly reports Lu Harlow, director of Xanterra food service program, as saying, "We put a lot of our focus on supporting local economies. What can we do to help keep people in their family farms, finding food produced within 500 miles, grown without hormones and antibiotics?”

To further protect the environment, Boulder Weekly tells us that Xanterra "switched all its utensils to corn-based biodegradables, and the company also recently renounced the use of plastic straws, which are a huge source of plastic waste in landfills, lakes and even the ocean."

After becoming aware of these initiatives from the park service, I can't wait to visit the nearest National Park to New Bedford to see what my options will be!