If you are on a diet, make tomorrow your cheat day, because May 11 is National Eat What You Want Day, and everyone deserves to celebrate that.

I consider myself a pretty healthy person, but I am only human, and there are many foods that come to mind when I consider the phrase, “Eat What You Want.”

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National Today shared a survey conducted by Vancouver Marketing Agency on what Americans would be willing to eat every day if there were no consequences. Pizza came in at No. 1 with 13% of votes, followed by pasta with 12%, and burgers and ice cream tied with 11%.

My guilty pleasure is donuts, which came in at No. 8 with 7% of the votes. Rounding out the top 10 was potato chips, with 5%.

Full Ranking of Foods Americans Would Eat Everyday If There Were No Consequences

1. Pizza (13%)

2. Pasta (12%)

3. Burgers (11%)

4. Ice cream (11%)

5. Tacos or burritos (9%)

6. Chocolate (9%)

7. French fries (9%)

8. Donuts (7%)

9. Cake (6%)

10. Chips (5%)

11. Cheese (4%)

12. Cookies (4%)

I think life is all about balance. It’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle while also saving some room for indulgence. On some days, self-care may be eating a garden salad, while other days it involves a bacon cheeseburger with loaded fries. National Eat What You Want Day is a friendly reminder that it’s okay to splurge every once in a while.

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