Another day another holiday, as on January 15 we celebrate the art of the bagel, a simple breakfast item with the power to energize your day or completely derail your schedule due to being overwhelmed by too many options.

On this day we celebrate the plain to complex, what we top them with, and the baker who bakes them. Some bakers are true bialy artisans, like creating a magmatic union of donut and bagel. How is that even possible? Bagels are actually bread, and donuts are fried dough. Bakers magically make these things happen.

Did you know there’s actually a tradition to National Bagel Day? It is eating a bagel, giving a bagel, or baking a bagel. I saved bake a bagel for last because if you’re not proficient in baking, you wouldn’t want to eat it, let alone share it. If you’re feeling daring, though, what else is there to do during this pandemic? It’s a beautiful distraction.

Use this day to simply take a moment and carb up with the finest of baked goodness, keeping your favorite café or convenience store in mind, especially if they’re local. Fun 107 has launched #SaveSouthCoastRestaurants, where we are providing free advertising to locally-owner restaurants because we want to keep them all alive and thriving. If you hear of your local bakery, café, or restaurant falling on hard times, email to apply to take part in this campaign.

Official Food of the SouthCoast

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