College kids and casual diners are likely both bummed about this news out of Narragansett.

If you've ever been in Narragansett and wondered where to get a drink, you probably ended up at Charlie O's Tavern on Sand Hill Cove Road.

Well sad to say, that doesn't look like it will be happening anymore.

Locals started posting on Facebook the news that a "closed today, thanks" sign was found on the restaurant/bar's door on Monday. And now that it's Thursday, nothing has changed.

Add to that the fact that the Charlie O's Facebook page is gone and all signs point closed for good, thanks.

I used to love going here with friends who went to URI. In fact they lived in a Point Judith house right near Charlie O's and we probably went way more than we should have.

And I know I'm not the only one with great college memories from this bar.

Charlie O's had been in business for nearly 30 years according to their Twitter and Instagram that are still up and running.

They also list a phone number which is nothing but busy every time you try it.

What all this means and why they would have closed for good remains to be seen, but with their phone number and Facebook shut down we may never really know.

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