Free Ivy Follow-Up
Eliza Radeka is a student at the University of Rhode Island. and Staff News Reporter for The Good 5 Cent Cigar. She published this article in yesterday's edition of the student-run paper. "University responds to Ivy’s expulsion" is a follow-up to the heartbreak…
Therapy Dog Expelled from URI [PHOTO]
Mike LaPolice is a maintenance worker at the University of Rhode Island. He is known to most residents in the hall he maintains, but only because of his furry companion. Ivy is his therapy dog, and lovable husky. LaPolice had her registered as a therapy dog when she was five months old in order to b…
URI Lockdown Over
UPDATE 2:20pm:
The lockdown at URI is over.  A NERF gun was recovered by police at Chafee Hall.  State Police say there was no evidence at all that there ever was an active shooter or a firearm on campus at anytime today.
Earlier:  11:50am
The University of Rhode Island is reporting on their Facebook …