Everything seemed to be going as normal for the University of Rhode Island Rams basketball team today, until THIS happened:

A walk-on, Will Leviton, who is said to work as hard as anybody to walk into the URI building, never complains, and just works every day, was rewarded for his discipline and contributions to the team with a FULL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP. Tell me how that doesn't make you smile?

For those of you who don't know this young man's story, he grew up raised by a single mother and has only seen his dad a few times throughout his life.

Leviton was actually a student manager for the team, but he always wanted to play for the school. So, he sought advice from the URI starting five, who were more than willing to help him advance his game. The coach had no idea he was doing this behind closed doors and after all his student manager responsibilities had been met. His numbers may not be that of Michael Jordan, but make no mistake, he is the heart and soul of the team (via MidMajorMadness).

If you would like to keep up with Will, check out his Instagram @showtime_willy, where you'll see him post stories with his #DemandAccess, where he'll be in the building working on his game before anyone else. Perhaps the hashtag itself shows you why he is where he is.

Bravo, Mr. Leviton. Bravo.

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