I am so bummed out about this news. It turns out one of my very favorite activities may be hazardous to your health! If you like to nap...a new study shows that they may not be good for you.

According to Fox News, middle age and older men who take daytime naps may be at increased risk of dying. The study conducted in England, took many factors into play such as age, gender, body mass index, and pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or asthma.

The study has not proven true though as it may not be that a person is unhealthy but that they may have an undiagnosed medical condition increasing their risk of death. Some studies suggest that "power naps" could be beneficial but cannot be found from this study since participants were only asked about naps being longer than an hour.

Loren Petisce should take notice. No more napping in the Cardi's Furniture Swansea parking lot!