UPDATE (5-27-2021): With your help, we've found the owner!! This story was shared in a Facebook group for year-round Nantucket residents, and Suzanne Tayler Montgomery came forward, saying that Murphy, her 12-year-old yellow lab, and Seamus, her 7-year-old black lab, travel all over town doing errands with her. Montgomery said her daughter bought the tire cover for her as a Christmas gift, and it continues to be "the gift that just keeps on giving."

Do you recognize these sweet faces that were cruising around Nantucket earlier this month?

This perfect pair of pups was spotted by a Connecticut woman named Whitney Mercurio during a recent trip to the Nantucket Stop & Shop, where she saw them lounging in the back of their owner's Jeep Wrangler, enjoying the nice spring weather. What makes Mercurio's sighting even better is that the dogs were in the exact same positions as they are in the photo on the Jeep's tire cover, just below their heads.

Courtesy of Whitney Mercurio
Courtesy of Whitney Mercurio

Mercurio said she snapped a photo and even waited outside the store for a bit, hoping to find and meet the owners of these sweet pups, but had no such luck. She then shared the photo on her Facebook, not expecting the massive response she got in return. Mercurio's post now has over 6.1 thousand likes, 1.2 thousand comments and 11 thousand shares, at least one of which landed in the giant dog-lover group "Heckin Big Group Of Dank Doggos," which currently has over 100 thousand members.

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Unfortunately, despite the incredible reach of her post, Mercurio hasn't been able to connect with the owners quite yet, but at this rate, she's bound to, right? I mean, someone has to recognize these loungin' pups!

"I’d love to find the owners! They really deserve the credit," Mercurio said. "It was like seeing a shooting star! I so cannot take credit but was so lucky to see it and spread the joy!!"

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