The Olympics have only been on for a few nights, but they have already motivated me to try something totally new.

After watching Katie Couric’s interview with the U.S. Women’s Cross Country ski team and seeing the biathlon with my daughter, I thought ‘I want to try that.’

Somehow seeing these athletes completely exhaust themselves to the point that they pretty much all collapse at the finish line motivated me to give the sport a try.

Cross-Country Skiing - Winter Olympics Day 15
Al Bello/Getty Images

So I am!

I’ve officially signed myself up for a cross country ski class offered by REI.

And though I am very excited to get out there and do it, I’m a little nervous too.

The Olympic athletes are wiped after about a 30 minute race…I signed up for six hours of cross country skiing!

Of course the chances of me moving anywhere near the speeds that they do is insane…and clearly I’m not competing, I’m just learning.

Still I just know I am going to have some seriously sore legs after this class is over. And oddly enough, I’m kinda looking forward to it.

Cross-Country Skiing - Winter Olympics Day 1
Laurent Salino/Agence Zoom/Getty Images

If you’ve been similarly motivated by this year’s Olympic games, you can check out some of the classes offered by REI below…

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