What started off to some as an act of vandalism, turns out to be a real life Southcoast love story.

After Abby released her article on this strange local artwork, there were rumors circulating about the meaning behind it, including a panhandler hot spot.... We couldn't have been more wrong.

On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, Mike Decrosta of New Bedford posted this image on his Instagram that had originally sparked Abby's attention:

Around 9:00 PM on Thursday, November 9th, I received an anonymous message on my personal Facebook with ALL the answers... it was as sweet as finding a $100 bill on the ground! The story goes as follows:

  • A Southcoast man (his location of residence will no be disclosed) was dumped and like most break-ups, his heart was broken (just like the metaphorical one on the sign).
  • He came up with the idea to make this artistic sign, most likely knowing it would puzzle thousands of people, and would hang them up along the work commute route of the girl he still loved.
  • Long story short, she notices these signs, deciphered the message and just like a love story you would watch in the movies, was swept away from this guy's passionate idea.
  • She gets back with him, he's happier than a kid on Christmas morning and I don't blame him.

Kudos to this guy... On behalf of all guys everywhere, we thank you for showing the world that chivalry is still very much alive.



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