My son, John, played in his first soccer game over the weekend, with the team recording a convincing 1-0 win.

A lot of the other team names include intense phrasings like "Fighting" connected to intimidating animal names like "Tigers". John's team name? The Turtles.

But, the Turtles ended up winning in typical Munchkin League fashion; with a hoard of children all chasing one ball in an open field. I'm convinced there's no coaching in the world that can teach a group of young kids to play soccer, instead of "chase the ball." Even the other team's goalie got caught up in the pursuit until he realized his net was wide open.

In his league, the kids are all John's age (3) and up, so you can't even get mad at them for not passing the ball. There might have been one pass between teammates the whole game, but it still makes for a hilarious time.

At one point, John flung his arms in the air and collapsed on the field. When we asked him if he was OK, he shouted, "I'm tired" as the youth soccer fun-filled chaos continued.

I found it particularly amusing when the parents yelled things like "go that way!" and "shoot the ball!" as if it was going to help. LOL!

Check out the video of the intense soccer match below.

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