I've been wearing glasses for 23 years, and contacts for 16 years...it's time for a change. I have thought about it for years, and asked a number of people about it, and finally have made the decision that I am going to have vision correction surgery.  The last straw before making my decision was that I was driving into work this morning, wearing my glasses, and the road signs were blurry.  Sometimes when I wear my contacts, the same thing happens! I go to the eye doctor each year to have my vision tested, and I just think that my vision will never be 100% with glasses or contacts, and I would really like it to be.  Plus, I haven't heard anything bad about vision correction surgery, not even one bad thing, only good things, so that really has helped to make my decision.

The only problem? I am TERRIFIED! I am so scared to have surgery on my eyes! What if it hurts? What if it's the wrong decision? What if something goes wrong?

I'm hoping the more positive feedback I get about it, the more at ease about it I'll feel. So if you or anyone you know has had vision correction surgery, could you tell me about the experience, so I know what I'm in for?

I appreciate your input, thank you!