Wareham High School held their annual "Mr. Wareham" pageant for the senior boys of the class of 2017 last night. This years theme was "The Real Boyfriends of Wareham".

The boys competing had their own titles and included Richard Morell III as "Mr. America", Andrew Thompson as "Mr. President", Jeffrey Bartlett as "Mr. Dough Boi", Ethan Dela Cruz as "Mr. Flamboyant", Michael Houdlette as "Mr. Hockey", Jack Goodwin-Gilson as "Mr. Bad Boy", Nicolas Iamele as "Mr. Satisfaction", and Josh Lima as "Mr. Dill".

They competed in a series of pageant events including playing the board of challenges, which they had to pick a random card and do whatever it said. They also showcased their talents and strutted in their tuxes that they rented from Domenic's Tux in Plymouth while answering the usual generic Pageant type questions.

(left: Mike Houdlette. right: Ethan Dela Cruz)

The winners included:

1. Mr. Satisfaction- Nic Iamele

2. Mr. Flamboyant- Ethan Dela Cruz

3. Mr. America- Richie Morell III

(Nic Iamele on left, Tom Best on Right)

Iamele's talent portion is what sealed the deal for his 1st place. He and his friend Tom Best danced to a medley of music wearing rainbow socks and tutus while having a beach ball between their bodies.

All in all it was a fun night filled with laughter and entertainment. Make sure you don't miss it next year!

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan