You may have noticed that I am the new kid here at Fun 107. And like any new kid I'm a little lost of what to do and where to go. So I'm hoping the loyal listener "classmates" in the area can help me find my way around.


Having lived in New England my entire life, I've come to realize that relocating just an hour away from where I used to live means entering a whole new world. With so much available across the region you never have to travel very far for delicious food, live entertainment, your favorite watering hole, fantastic shopping and more. Which leads to only one issue...finding those favorite places all over again when you move.

So I'm reaching out for assistance in finding some of my favorite things. From the closest Target and Old Navy to the best place to see movies or catch a live band. Everything is going to be all new to this kid, so I'm hoping the seasoned veterans have words of wisdom to impart.


Perhaps most important in my world, is the best place to get breakfast.

I absolutely love going out to breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day and somehow someone else making the bacon and eggs always makes it taste so much better!

So where are those local restaurants, diners, cafes, etc that are serving up some of the best breakfasts around?