Growing up here on the SouthCoast, you take for granted what we have to offer. You also don't realize just how unique our area is compared to the rest of the country.

After moving away for over a decade and then moving back, I noticed some things that are very specific to the SouthCoast area that if you plan on moving here you may want to consider.

Now you may be asking, who is moving right now? Well according to my real estate agent friends, lots of people are. A recent survey conducted by Self Financial polled 2,000 people and six out of every 10 said they considered moving to a less populated area after their experience during COVID-19. So we may see some people moving to the SouthCoast from Boston, Providence, or even New York. We're the right kind of place, with a lot of the things you'd hope to find in more populated areas but with more space to spread out.

So there are a few things I should probably tell my friends before they consider the move to the SouthCoast.

Seven Things You Need to Know Before Moving to the SouthCoast

I know there has to be more I can share with someone who may be moving to the area. If you have any to add please share! The more we prepare those moving here the betta!  Oh, if you plan on moving here we don't have the accent, you do.

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