Monster Mash was so lit this year, it was scary.

Monster Mash is always wild and this year was no different. The costumes were on freakin' point! DJ Roy Barboza had everyone dancing so hard they were sweating their make-up off! That dance floor was absolutely PACKED! Then, to top it all of Kim Viera's performance was amazing! She even jumped into with the crowd and started partying with everyone! Big thanks to her for coming and making the night that much more special!

Our sexiest costume went unanimously to some guys dressed like sexy women. There were a ton of people dressed up like they were from the purge. It was terrifying and I don't want to talk about it. The biggest scare for me was the guy dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. I wanted to die whenever I saw him.

The winners of the costume contest and the $300 cash prize were straight out of Eternia. We basically just threw the prize money at these amazing costumes of the Sorceress and BattleCat from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe:

Sorceress and BattleCat Monster Mash 2018

Truthfully this was probably the best Monster Mash ever, but I'm bias.

Check out this video and the photo gallery below:


Monster Mash 2018

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