We didn't do a cash prize for Sexiest Costume this year, but we did do a crowd cheer-off and the winner won by a LANDSLIDE. 

Up until this year, we've always done prizes at Monster Mash for Best Costume, Scariest Costume, and Sexiest Costume. It started to get weird when sometimes "Best'" and "Scariest" were the same person, so this year, we decided to just do one huge prize for the best costume of the night.

However, we still wanted to do the sexiest costume, just for fun. There were groups of Playboy bunnies, sexy Deadpool, sexy Purge girl, sexy three blind mice, nurses--all the standby favorites. So to help B-Mo and I choose, we decided to bring everyone who wanted to compete for the sexiest costume on stage and let the crowd decide. And boy are we glad we did.

Per crowd judge rules, whoever got the loudest cheers for their costumes would be the winner. We went down the line of people and when we got to this group, the crowd went absolutely wild!

Powder Puff Girls | TSM
Powder Puff Girls | TSM

They were such good sports on stage - and for being a group of dudes wearing tights all night.

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