My first thought was, "who is Monsta X?" Well, let me introduce you. They are a boy group, but not a traditional boy group – they're from South Korea. They kind of remind me of BTS in the sense that I don't really know how to pronounce any of their names, but they are cool and part of that same K-Pop genre.

They team up on "Who Do You Love" with one of my favorites, French Montana. We know him from his song "Unforgettable." French Montana is a rapper. I had no idea where he was from until I dug more into this song. French Montana – or Karim Kharbouch, his real name – is originally from Morocco.

Can I give you my honest opinion on this song? Keep in mind I like EDM but I'm not a big fan of K-Pop. I'm not a fan of BTS really. I only liked the one track they had which featured Halsey, and it took me about five listens to actually like it. It's very different. Usually, I'm a one-or-two-listens-kind of a person before I "get" a song.

Don't let me tarnish your opinion. If you missed hearing it on the air, here is the music video. Take a listen (or five) before you toss is. Now it's on my workout playlist:

Not bad, right? Is it worthy of adding to the Fun 107 playlist? We here could really use your help deciding if this is worthy, so tell us, is it wicked or whack?

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