At the start of 2020, it appeared like it was going to be the summer of some amazing concerts, and we here at Fun 107 were giving away all the tickets.

But since then, COVID-19 hit and it's been a confusing time for the event and concert planning world and for anyone who may have won or purchased concert tickets. Many of the big show promoters have already begun issuing refunds or at least have come up with a plan for ticketholders.

Many of us still want to go to the show but when it's safe to do so. Artists want to get out and perform for their fans and well, of course, make some money.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of logistics that go into planning a tour. The most important part is the venue. As many artists continue to rebuild their tour schedules for 2021, we have the latest on the biggest shows that were coming to the area this year that will be coming back next summer and fall.

I'm excited to see that most have confirmed a new date while others are holding out on confirming new dates until they know for sure. Check out the latest updates on these here:

Postponed Tours to Look Forward to in 2021

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