Have you ever had a craving for something that no longer exists? It happened to me after dinner last night.

Instead of my usual craving for ice cream (thanks, Acushnet Creamery), I had a random craving for the old school McDonaldland Cookies. I haven't had those cookies in at least 10 or 15 years. I don't even know how long they have been out of production, but it's been a long, long time.

I was wishing on the air this morning that McDonald's might consider bringing the McDonaldland Cookies back for an encore. Maybe it could just be a little trial run to see how it goes?

Someone got my hopes up for a minute when they thought the cookies were listed on the McDonald's website, but that they were only available in very limited locations. I was thinking I could reach out to a restaurant that had some, buy them, and have them mail them to me.

It wasn't meant to be. Other than their shakes and ice creams, the only real desserts McDonald's has are apple pie and chocolate chip cookies.

I even tried looking in the place everyone turns to when they need something in the year 2020: I logged onto Amazon, which could have been tricky considering how long it's been since McDonald's has made these things. Nothing like trying to satisfy a craving with 15-year-old cookies.

I do have one last shot. Someone told me that Keebler makes some crackers named Elfins that have a very similar taste to the McDonaldland Cookies. The only problem is that the local grocery stores don't seem to stock them. I'd have to spend $52 on a case of the Elfin crackers, but if you think I'm about to do that, you're Elfin crazy.

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