So, this past weekend the 2014 Miss America pageant was held and while Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, took home the coveted crown, it was another American beauty who really stole the show.

Yes, in fact, Mekayla Diehl, Miss Indiana, might be one of the most popular names around, right now, especially in the world of social media. Sites like Twitter have been buzzing ever since the swimsuit portion of the pageant, where Diehl showed off a much opposing and, as many see it, more "normal" physique, compared to her competitors. The Indiana beauty queen, who finished in the event's top 20, has been praised by women all over the country for being different from the prototype Miss America contestants we have become so accustomed to seeing and for being comfortable to show off her figure that many feel more accurately portrays how women should look.

Women really do have such high and unrealistic standards to live up to in today's society, so its nice to see someone show off a figure that is different from what people expect to see in a competition like this. She's a beautiful girl who is happy with how she looks and is confident, as well!  She's got the chance to be a great role model for girls all over the world!

To check out what people were saying about Diehl, click here.

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