On Thursday, Mirasol's made the official announcement about its next location coming to Fairhaven. The promise of a new coffee spot in town created a lot of buzz online, but one common theme emerged:

Customers have some requests.

Back in October, I got the chance to chat with Luis M. Raposo, the managing partner for Mirasol’s, who confirmed that Mirasol's would open its third location in the old Benny’s Plaza on People’s Way.

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While the new location will have brand-new features, Raposo said Mirasol’s Fairhaven would be similar to Mirasol’s Dartmouth, a comment that loyal customers will appreciate. According to feedback online, fans of the SouthCoast brand are hoping for a taste of the original menu.

Pleas for the original menu items filled the comment section online, with many people hoping for a remake of the Mirasol's of old.

“Hopefully there’s a ton of tables like the old days,” one Instagram user said.

“Please bring back the Sexy Asparagus and Veggie Sausage Tortilla,” Elizabeth Gouveia said on Facebook.

According to Raposo, Mirasol's Fairhaven will have a spacious dining area, as well as an outdoor patio for warmer months. There is even hope for a drive-thru, pending city approval.

As far as the original menu, I have a feeling the menu at the Fairhaven location will mirror the menu at the Dartmouth location. The Mirasol's team aims to be a unique experience and will continue to evolve its menu.

One thing will never change.

The CHIPPi will always be on the menu.

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