Let's be real, there is a day for everything now but not all of them are fun and not all of them are something in which the entire family can take part. Are you ready for worldwide Miniature Golf Day? Not to be confused with National Miniature Golf Day, which is usually the second Saturday in May.

It's been at least five years since I last stepped onto a mini-golf course. I'll admit I'm horrible at it but that's always part of the fun, watching out for the windmills and water hazards and seeing your ball disappear into one hole and come out another in hopes for a hole in one.

So with all the stress we are under with going back to work and school, why not take a few minutes and grab the family to play some mini-golf? The question on everyone's mind, though, is who is open and following the current safety regulations?

I did a little homework for you so you can plan a little mini-golf outing with the family. Surprisingly, just about all the courses are open and are welcoming you with new safety protocols.

Here are the mini-golf courses open or about to be open and that are taking precautions to keep you safe while you have some fun:

SouthCoast Mini Golf Courses

If you chose to celebrate, make sure you do so safely. In my opinion, I'd head to the outdoor courses first.

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