What is more of a bummer -- seeing one of your favorite childhood spots turned into something new, modern, and boring, or seeing one of your favorite spots go unloved and fall to pieces as the years go by?

Opened in 1999 as part of Carousel Family Fun Center, the old Cap'n Barnacles' Mini-Golf Course was indeed the scene of many SouthCoast family memories over the years but now that it has been defunct for some time, it's become a really sad reminder of yesteryear for anyone who drives by.

What was once a simple-looking but secretly challenging 18-hole mini-golf course on David Drown Boulevard in Fairhaven is now home to tall grass and various wildlife. In fact, in its heyday, it was one of the Massachusetts Open Mini-Golf Tournament courses because it was challenging even for a pro.


Seeing an abandoned mini-golf course is almost as sad as seeing an abandoned amusement park. The site where there were once fun features like ponds, fountains, rolling hills and contours, and even a tiny shack with a sign reading "Capt. Barney" has been reduced to moss-covered greens, overgrown landscape and dried-up cement pools. The bunnies can be seen hopping along the old greens and the birds have made homes in every nook and cranny.

While the former Carousel building has been flipped into a pickleball court, there is no real movement inside of the chainlink fence. SouthCoast Pickleball owner Adam Rogers said while the course is part of the property and people have reached out about reopening it, there are no plans to do anything with it just yet.

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