Think you are a "nice person?" Interested in moving to New Zealand? Well, then a German millionaire may have just the place for you to live.

Why can't something like this happen to me? But a lot closer to the SouthCoast.

Like at this place.

I don't want to hightail it over to New Zealand or anything, but everything else about this story sounds delightful.

A German millionaire who bought a 543-acre property on New Zealand's North Island nearly 20 years ago wants to find 10 people to share the estate and hang out together.

Perhaps he is just a lonely rich guy, but his description of what he's looking for doesn't sound all that bad.

He took out an ad in the New Zealand Herald asking for "nice people" to share his "paradise," adding "They could live in houses by two persons and share a beautiful winery for social meetings and dining.”

Okay, I can get behind that.

Though clearly folks in New Zealand aren't so sure. He's had to take the ad out twice already according to

But what's so bad about asking people to join him in "walking, fishing, shopping, kayaking, bird watching, swimming, or looking at the nice animals?” I like those things.

And the guy made his millions selling coffee, so you know there will be plenty of the good stuff at your new estate too.

All sounding pretty good to me.

Of course, there were no photos of said property, so no real idea of what you'd be moving to.

Yet it is described as a five-star estate with 26 stables, an indoor equestrian center and several houses.

One of those houses could be all yours – if you enjoy relocating to a new country to live with complete strangers, that is.

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