Talk about ten thousand square feet of absolute beauty!

Have you ever been scrolling through Zillow or Redfin and come across a house so incredible it's hard to believe it's actually real? Well welcome to a house just like that, a house so amazing that it's even been deemed worthy of the term "estate."

This waterfront estate in Portsmouth, Rhode Island houses six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and a beautiful, grand kitchen, but it's the numerous amenities that come along with it that truly make this house a home that wows. We're talking an infinity pool, a bar, a wine cellar, beach access, and yes, an elevator. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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On top of its enormity and immense amount of amenities, this Portsmouth estate is simply stunning, inside and out, and mixes a bit of both vintage infrastructure and modern touches throughout to create a really cool contrast.

Yes, this price tag may be pretty darn steep at $7.495 million, but why not? Go ahead, take a look inside, dream a little, and imagine what day-to-day life would look like in this estate, living just steps from the waters of Narragansett Bay. And who knows, maybe one of us will hit the lottery some day in the near future and be able to afford living in the lap of Rhode Island luxury in Portsmouth.

Until then, take a peek inside!

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