Whoever thought to dedicate a day to chocolate has their head on straight, and I also commend the person who thought to cultivate a cacao tree all those years ago.

That person provided a sweet indulgence to the world and it’s a rare accomplishment to appease so many people with one tiny plant. While I eat my chocolate chip cookie in honor of this national holiday, I would like to set the record straight: dark chocolate is gross and milk chocolate is the only option.

October 28 is National Chocolate Day, and the National Day Calendar says that the earliest known documentation of using cacao seeds is from around 1100 B.C. The power of a sweet tooth has kept chocolate on the map for centuries.

From chocolate Easter bunnies to Hershey’s kisses, to Halloween treats and birthday piñatas, chocolate is a universal indulgence that coincides with good times.

I can’t remember the first time I tasted chocolate, but I remember the first time I tried dark chocolate, and I was very disappointed. My fiancé had gone grocery shopping and as we unpacked the bags when he returned home, I noticed a little sweet surprise in one of the bags: a chocolate candy bar. I clearly didn’t read the label, and when I took a bite, the most bitter taste enveloped my mouth. I had never tasted something so harsh, and that’s when I realized that not all chocolate was created equal.

From that day forward, I have vowed to defend milk chocolate whenever the conversation arises, and today is that day.

Are you team milk chocolate or team dark chocolate?

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