Most people hate getting spam calls. They are completely out of control. Many of us get several of them each day, every day. I can understand why this would be annoying to "normal" people. After all, sometimes you have to get up, find your phone to answer it, and it is all a waste of time.

For me, though, I have discovered a way to turn those spam calls into an entertaining recreational activity. The way I figure it, the longer you keep the telemarketer on the phone, the less profitable the calls will be. I'd imagine that wasting time on the phone with someone who is not going to end up giving you money is the absolute last thing in the world a telemarketer wants to be doing, so that's exactly what I do.

My goal is to be the least desirable caller on the planet so that I, hopefully, get on their real "do not call" list. A "do not call" list that they'll actually respect instead of ignoring. I've tried everything. I've tried to ask nicely to be put on the list, I've gotten angry and asked, and nothing seems to work. So, this is my latest strategy.

I've told Maddie about my new strategy, but she has yet to hear me do it in person. That's why I decided to take one of the calls live on the air this morning. While it wasn't ideal because No. 1, they didn't call the studio number, they called my cell phone, so the audio isn't the best, and No. 2, it was actually a recording instead of an actual person, it gives you the basic idea.

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