This weekend, I celebrated a lackluster 47th birthday. There's really nothing special one way or another about turning 47. It's not exactly a milestone.

Maddie and Gazelle bought me a book of dad jokes. Very appropriate!

My wife and kids got me a pair of headphones that I badly needed. I had been using headphones that have been broken for a good six to eight months.

My parents gave me a nice card with some money tucked inside (it's always the right color).

It was my sister, though, that gave me my favorite present for what would have normally been a boring birthday. If you had told me three months ago that I would be receiving this gift, I would never have believed you in a million years.

My sister gave me this t-shirt adorned with our puppy's picture and his name on the front.

There's no doubt in my mind that this was partially a gag gift. They always say that the person in the family who wants a dog the least will bond with it the mosts. This has proven to be true in our family.

Even though they think I don't know, my wife and kids hatched a plan to slowly but surely wear me down until I gave in and consented to bring a disruptive puppy into our home.

My sister knew that there would be a certain level of comedy in the gift. It truly is inconceivable that I not only own a dog but also that I'm now a member of a crazy dog t-shirt-wearing club. How did I become that guy?

I know I'll be asked, so here is the website where my sister ordered the t-shirt.

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