While I've done a good deal of traveling while working here at Fun 107, I have not seen very much of the United States.  Most of my traveling for live broadcasts has involved going to theme parks in Orlando...or the Caribbean about 50 times (it never gets old there).  My summer vacation to California, however, has awakened a desire for me to do more traveling...especially here in America.

If I won the Fun 107 contest, I think I would pick something a little out of the box.  I'm sure there would be a ton of people picking warm, tropical destinations (especially this time of year).  My choice, however, would be Denver.  The chance to see Colorado would be amazing.  I can close my eyes and feel the crisp, cold, mountain air stinging the inside of my nose.  I'd take a long, slow, deep breathe and fill my lungs with the freshest air they've ever inhaled...they'd hurt just a little from expanding so much.

I'd definitely catch a show at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.  The venue is legendary.  A bucket list place to see a show for a music guy like me.

A game at Mile High Stadium is a must.  I'd also like to workout at a Denver Crossfit location so that I can feel the difference the altitude would make in the WOD.


Finally, I'd put Denver's Sweet Action Homemade Ice Cream up against our hometown favorite Acushnet Creamery.

The United States is a great, big country.  It's size is almost incomprehensible to the human mind.  I'm from the East Coast, I've seen the left coast...now it's time to see the heart of this great nation.








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