You may have noticed an uptick of red tutus coming across your social media newsfeed and wondered where they have all come from. You also may have wondered why it seems like the red tutus seem to be worn exclusively by men. Is this new phenomenon the latest SouthCoast fashion trend? The answer is yes! The brainchild behind the latest men's fashion? The Friends of Jack Foundation.

It reminds me a lot of the ice bucket challenge from a few years back.

I received the red tutu in the mail. The instructions say to put it on and do something fun. I decided to take my red tutu to CrossFit and jump on the rig. Was it awkward and uncomfortable wearing a red tutu to CrossFit? It was, yes – that's not normally my style for workout gear – but it was even more awkward asking someone to video me while I was doing pull-ups in a red tutu.

You post the video or pic up on social media, then call out the next victim. I nominated Manny Sarmento from Prestige Auto Mart. I look forward to seeing Manny rock that red tutu on the car lot.

Each man that wears the tutu mails in a donation of $50 to the Friends of Jack Foundation that will be used to buy presents for needy children on the SouthCoast.

It's great to see so many local guys having some lighthearted fun with the red tutu challenge, and it is raising money for a super good cause.

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