When you talk live on the air for 4 1/2 hours a day...you are bound to say things you regret.  My over/under is right around five per week...or one per show.  I usually don't need any help saying the wrong thing, but today Gazelle helped me out.

As you probably know, the Spice Girls are getting back together to launch a tour in the UK and here in the United States.  Gazelle asked me on the air, "Which of the Spice Girls was your favorite."  I blurted out "the one with the red hair" (Geri Haliwell,Ginger Spice).  I answered far too quickly and with far too much conviction.  It sounded horrible, and I instantly knew that I had probably gotten myself into trouble.

Abby backhandedly defended me by saying that there is no way that my wife cared if I thought Ginger Spice was my favorite, "It's not like she has to worry about Ginger Spice coming around and luring you away!" said Abby.

Thankfully, Gazelle was kind enough to take the blame for this entire debacle. Check out the video coverage above of my interrogation regarding Ginger Spice!  And find out more about the Spice Girls tour here.

Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza

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