Gazelle and I have been playing the strangest game for years. Bear with me, as I know this is going to sound bizarre.

A few years back, when we happen to unexpectedly show up at the same place, we would hide on one another and take pictures. Yeah, I know, I told you it's weird – but it gets weirder.

Instead of just revealing to the other that we are both at the same place, we will then text a photo of the person and text it to them. In other words, if I'm waiting in line at Acushnet Creamery and Gazelle shows up, he would lurk in the shadows, take a photo and text it to me. I'd end up receiving a text of me standing exactly where I am, from a camera across the parking lot.

It is incredibly creepy and insanely funny because it happens when you least expect it.

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Over the past year or two, we upped the ante. It sounds weird, but we'll often get texts from other people that we know saying that they have spotted one of us. When that happens, here's what we do.

For example, the photo above was taken by some random person that saw me out to dinner last summer in front of Greasy Luck. The person texted Gazelle to tell him I was there. Gazelle asked him to take a picture and text it back to him, which the person did. Gazelle then texted me the picture of myself having dinner with my wife in real time. Trust me, it takes the creepiness to a whole new level, which is why our pictures often look like FBI surveillance.

Now, a new social media platform has been introduced called Poparazzi. It's probably not specifically made for our weird game, but it will once again take it next level. The interesting twist on Poparazzi is that you don't really have control over the content on your wall – your friends do. While you have final say if something makes it to your wall, you do not have the ability to post things on your own wall. That is left up to your peers. That means your friends will be the ones that take all of your social media pics for this platform.

Say goodbye to selfies, and hello to pics of you taken by people hiding behind a tree, like Gazelle!

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