I am a big time Coca-Cola fan. I sigh everytime we go to a restaurant and I hear, "Is Pepsi okay?" So many places serve it that I have to give in each time. But now, there's a question whether or not Mexican Coke beats out American Coke.

If you remember the New Coke campaign that Coca-Cola did in the 80's, they tried to hype up a brand new formula that failed miserably. So much, that the U.S. had to revert back to the old formula. But was it really the original formula?

According to Buzzfeed, hard-core Coke drinkers, like myself, may not realize that their beloved soda isn't the "real thing" at all.

Coca-Cola substituted cane sugar with the much cheaper high fructose corn syrup in the U.S. However, south of the border in Mexico, Coke is still made with the original sweetener.

Watch the taste test video below to see if people can tell the difference.

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