Prepare to nearly split your sides watching this dad on TikTok trying to get directions to Fall River – and failing miserably.

Twenty-two-year-old TikTok star Joe Mele recently shared the video of his dad, Frank, asking his GPS for directions to the SouthCoast city while driving around. Frank starts by first asking for directions to "Fall Rivers, Massachusetts," which Siri somehow interprets as Cold River, Vermont. During his next attempt, Frank then asks for directions to "Falls River, Massachusetts" and Siri gives him directions to Power, North Dakota.

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Maybe it was partly the fault of Frank's pretty strong accent, or maybe it was the random "s" he added to the city's name in two different spots. Honestly, maybe it was even a bit of both. But plenty of frustrated "no's" and head shakes later, it's safe to say Frank's pure exasperation with his navigation system is all of us on a road trip.

"Safe to say we never got to Fall River, Massachusetts..." Joe wrote in his caption.

If only Frank and his GPS had been more on the same wavelength and Siri had directed him to Fall River, then the Meles could have experienced a small slice of the wonderful food, entertainment and scenery the SouthCoast has to offer. Maybe next time, right?

Let's be honest, though. It's all too often that Fall River gets a bad rap.

"As a Massachusetts native, the GPS was trying to do you a favor and warn you not to go to Fall River 😂" TikTok user @jeremiah_michael commented on Mele's video.

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