A nearly 40-year-old message washed ashore on the Cape and now the writer has been found several states away.

Back in 1983, Jenny Brown put a message in a bottle and threw it out to sea. And just before Thanksgiving this year a beachcomber in Provincetown finally found it.

The Bangor Daily News reports that Joshua Mendes found the bottle half-buried in sand about a mile from Race Point Ranger Station on the Cape Cod National Seashore.

The bottle had a message from a then 11-year-old Brown who was asking the finder to “Please write me” and left a Jonesport, Maine PO Box address.

Mendes, of course, took to social media to try and find Jenny and believe it or not, she has been found.

Brown is now 48 with two sons and four grandchildren and still lives in Jonesport.

The paper says she was bombarded with messages on social media after news of the bottle broke. She says she and a friend wrote messages back in 1983 and dropped them in the water the same day.

Her friend’s note was found the next day just one town over. Brown’s, on the other hand, traveled hundreds of miles south to the Cape and lay buried in the sand for decades.


The Mendes family emailed Brown about the bottle, but so far she has only spoken with Joshua’s father. No word on if the writer of this note and the finder of this note will ultimately become pen pals.

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