You may have noticed the McDonald's Restaurant in downtown New Bedford on the corner of County and Elm Sreets is currently closed for renovations and wait til you see what it looks like when they finish... Pretty high tech for McD's.

SouthcoastToday says, the location owners are excited to unveil an entirely update outside design as well as something totally brand new inside the restaurant.  It's called their new "Just For You" experience.

(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

This allows customers to order and pay for their meal at a kyosk station, collect their number and then a McDonald's employee serves the meal in person.  The restaurant says they want there to be a better, more friendly experience for their customers.

They hope to finish all renovations and updates by the end of this week, so get excited for an all new McDonalds in town this summer :)

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