For years, I've been waiting for this one moment.

My good pal Jeff Leary of Prestige Auto has his own podcast that he runs out of Fall River called Fall River Raw. When I got a tip that Mayor Jasiel Correia was going to be on his show, I simply had to swing through and watch the exclusive interview.

While fully engaged in the conversation, I waited for the perfect moment to step in and ask my own question (again, big thank you to Leary for letting me crash his podcast). It was a question for the ages, an almighty inquiry that would require only the wisest and most precise answer. It really is a question about the very essence of life itself:

"If you had to fight either one horse-sized duck, or one-hundred duck-sized horses- what would you choose?"

Well, I asked, and the mayor delivered.

He claims he would solely take on the one horse-sized duck by first "running away from it," followed by executing a surprise attack by "strangling the giant duck." As for the horses, he would simply just kick them.

It's not every day that you get to ask the Mayor of Fall River these hard-hitting questions that truly make you think long and deep. I, on the other hand, would perhaps befriend the giant duck and figure out a way to go about my business without violence, but hey, that's just me.

Big thank you to Leary, Jessica Machado and the rest of the crew down at Fall River Raw for not only letting me crash your party, but allowing me to take on the mayor one-on-one.

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