People are always quick to help animals when they are in need, but here is an area you may not have considered: animal hospitals need towels and newspaper, and Mattapoisett's Natural Resource Officer is asking the community for help.

Kat Massey has been the town's animal control officer for 30 years.

“I deal with the stuff that no one else wants to deal with,” Massey joked. For the past three decades, she has helped the community keep their animals safe and has come to the aid of suffering wildlife.

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“Mattapoisett is a fairly quiet town. They take very good care of their animals,” Massey said. “I’ve been taking wildlife to Mattapoisett Animal Hospital for years and they are so good to me.”

Every time Massey brings in an animal, the hospital doesn’t charge her a dime. She wanted to do something for the hospital that has consistently helped her over the years and knew supplies for towels and newspaper tend to be low.

“The least I can do is return some of the towels that I’ve taken over the years,” Massey said.

Towels are often used during emergency surgeries or to sterilize areas. Newspapers are used to line the cages of reptiles, like turtles and bearded dragons.

For anyone interested in donating gently-used towels and bundles of newspaper to the Mattapoisett Animal Hospital, Massey instructs residents to drop off donations to the Town Hall.

“They’re ready for you,” she said.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big impact, and Massey is hoping to give back to the beloved animal hospital in a big way.

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