Having a baby is a huge step in any person’s life, but is there an ideal state to have one? This new study seems to think so, and the best place to have a baby is good ol’ Massachusetts. I’m curious, moms and dads, do you agree?

WalletHub did some research and found the average cost of delivering a baby was anywhere between $4,500 to $10,000. So to determine the best and worst states to have a child, WalletHub compared each state against over 30 critical measures, such as health insurance premiums and the cost of a babysitter.

After comparing cost, health care, baby-friendliness (meaning opportunities for child/parent education), and family friendliness (meaning family-centered programs), Massachusetts came out on top. According to this study, Massachusetts excels in quality of women’s hospitals and parental leave policy but needs some work on affordable childcare. Overall, it tops the list and it has me thinking: should I be moving to the SouthCoast to start my family?

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My home state of Rhode Island didn’t crack the top 10. Sitting at number 11, Rhode Island ranked 24th for family friendliness and 36th for overall cost.

As my fiancé Ross and I prepare to get married in the fall, we can’t help but look to the future and prepare for a little one. After seeing these stats, I worry my savings account isn’t quite ready for Rhode Island’s standards.

But rest assured, present and future parents of Massachusetts, 2021 data shows that you are in good hands.

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