After 100 years in business, Market Basket is finally onboard with a new fad...the internet!


Market Basket has decided that this internet thing might be sticking around a while.  They have launched a brand new website:  Their site features the weekly specials and will allow you to create your Market Basket shopping list.  Online ordering is not available now, but is expected to be coming in the relatively near future.  They've also launched accounts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Are there any Southcoast businesses that don't have websites...and it drives you crazy as a customer?  I can tell you that there are a number of local breakfast places that are just pushing back against the internet revolution...refusing to launch a website where they could do some crazy things like post their menus and weekly specials.  We could also think of one local coffee shop and a few ice cream shops that have not yet placed their faith in the internet, yet.




Visit the site here

Visit their Twitter

Visit their Facebook

Visit their Instagram

Additional Reporting by Abigail Pelissier

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