Anytime someone saves an animal form any kind of situation, it's always a feel good story.

A man in Somerset was caught on camera doing something in a storm drain with a bucket. When the cameraman (a good friend of Fun 107) investigated a little closer, he noticed that the man had saved a baby duck that had fallen between the cracks of a storm drain!


The man had noticed the ducklings crossing from the other side and when one of them had fallen in the storm drain, he quickly got himself a bucket, a rope, and a tether that he attached to his jeep to pull the heavy storm drain free from the tar.

The only problem with this story is that we don't know who this mysterious guy is or where he's from! Only that his first name is Peter and he could possibly be from the area, but at this point of time, that information is unavailable.

Who is this local "hero of the day" who went out of his way to rescue a baby duck from a dirty sewer? If anybody has any further information other that his name is Peter and this took place in the Home Depot parking lot in Somerset, please message us! This man did a great deed.

Also, THANK YOU to the guy who sent us this great video that gives you ALL the happy feels!

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