It was a chaotic scene at the offices of the Herald News Friday afternoon after a man had to be pulled from the building's second floor ledge.

Fall River Police tell the Herald News the man was approached by an officer around 1:30 p.m. as he bore a resemblance to someone the officer was looking for during the investigation of an unrelated case.

However, the man allegedly assaulted the officer then fled the scene.

As he was fleeing the scene the man ran down Anawan St. through the Traveler’s property, then went through a hole in the fence on the Herald News’ press room roof and onto the second-floor ledge over Pocasset St.

Police officers were eventually able to get the man back inside.

He was then escorted outside the building, where he was placed on a stretcher and moved into an ambulance that took him to a narby hospital for observation.

The man's name name hasn't been released.

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