Two tragedies have come out of the game show, The Family Feud. The first one being the show itself, which is still amazingly on the air somehow. The other is sad and horrific. Hours after trying out for a spot on the “Family Feud” game show, a Joliet Central High School security guard shot his new wife to death early Monday and then turned the gun on himself according to The Sun Times.

Marcus T. Crosby and family members tried out for the popular game show on Sunday, but his wife, Kearra Hosey did not. Some neighbors said the couple were good neighbors, and there were no signs of trouble at the house, though they said they didn’t know them well.

The couple were together off and on for some time before their June wedding in Las Vegas, and it is not immediately known if the wife's decision not to play the feud was apart of this deadly argument.

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